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Tennis Strategy and Stroke

Forget everything you have ever learned. Tennis strategy and stroke can never really be taught. These result from thousands of repetitive motions and a “feel” for the game. Yet, countless instructors and websites still tout their advice as being the only sure-fire way to win matches and improve games. Does this mean that they are all lying, and that striving to improve your game is just a waste of time? No. It does mean, however, that frustrated players need to consciously rethink how they approach learning the game—and what they view as “perfection.”

Tennis Strategy and Stroke

Rather than teaching specific movements and strategies, Tennis Warrior strives to show players how to reach their own personal perfection—not achieve some cookie cutter style that may improve aesthetics, but not necessarily their game. Believe it or not, even without learning specific movements and strategies, there are still many things for aspiring players to learn. Such as:

  • How to develop mental toughness.
  • Strategies for overcoming emotional barriers during play.
  • Hitting winning shots using skill rather than force.
  • The importance of walking, running, and jumping in playing well, as opposed to complicated steps and strokes.
  • The role that repetition plays in successful playing and tennis stroke strategy.
  • Learning strokes as a whole, rather than concentrating on individual parts.
  • Succeeding using existing skills, rather than attempting to replace them with “better ones.”

Don’t misunderstand: Strategies ARE important. However, many players become frustrated because either they or their trainers are focusing on the wrong ones. That is what makes our system so different—and so successful. Rather than focusing on tennis strategy and stroke that “experts” watching match footage say you should have, we focus on what you DO have, and how to succeed with it.

For example, we don’t weigh our students down with intricate “one, two, three” foot movements. Instead, we teach players how to approach the ball in their own style, allowing them to concentrate on playing, rather than following imaginary rules that may not really help, anyway. By focusing on the right strategies, we free up players from cumbersome techniques, allowing them to hone their own techniques from their own individual skill sets.

Should you forget everything you’ve ever learned? Not really. Embrace it, and utilize it -- along with our expertise at www.tenniswarrior.com -- to perfect a Tennis Stroke Strategy that is uniquely your own and undeniably successful.

  Tom Veneziano
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