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Tennis Book

If you are looking for the perfect on-court resource, chances are that every publication you’ve run into claims to be the best tennis book. And, while many do offer good tips and techniques, very few focus on the whole picture. Tom Veneziano, author of The Truth About Winning and the booklet entitled “The Relax Technique” offers a comprehensive look at the sport from both a mental and physical aspect.

Tennis Book

Those shopping with us at Tennis Warrior will not only find these valuable resources available individually, but also as part of a larger package entitled “The Ultimate Tennis Warrior.” In this package, customers receive the following:

  • The Truth About Winning!
  • “The Relax Technique” booklet
  • “Ball Placement in Singles and Doubles” booklet
  • “Think Like a Pro” 2 CD set
  • “Training for Pressure Play” CD
  • Tennis Warrior.com t-shirt

Having taught and played tennis for over 25 years, Tom Veneziano offers experience that few others can compete with. All of the advice offers unique insight gathered from practical experience, not just theoretical ideas. And, he clearly delineates information that is practical from information that merely works well in theory. We at Tennis Warrior utilize that knowledge in each tennis book to transform average players into great players, great players into phenomenal players, and newcomers into winners.

To begin with, the entire Tennis Warrior system relies on many ideologies often overlooked by teaching pros and players alike. Rather than focusing simply on technical skills, Mr. Veneziano teaches students to perfect a mental routine that can rival that of any professional. Remember, while not everyone is capable of playing with the same amount of natural skill or technique, anyone can achieve success in his or her mental game. The key is in understanding how. A good tennis book can show you how.

While purchasing the entire system is the best way to achieve success in a timely and successful manner, we also offer a wide variety of other products for those interested in benefiting from Mr. Veneziano’s skills.

Are you not sure if his innovative approach to teaching on court skills is for you? The entire website offers a wide range of free advice from Mr. Veneziano that, if received from an instructor, would literally cost hundreds of dollars. Add that with the hundreds of dollars saved by utilizing the Warrior system, and players stand to gain an infinite amount of knowledge at a fraction of the cost of hiring an instructor.

Does our site offer the best tennis book? Decide for yourself by visiting us today at www.tenniswarrior.com.

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