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Testimonials for My Tennis Books and CDs

My tennis books and CDs have helped players throughout the world achieve relaxed, automatic and instinctive play. I can help you achieve the same. Please take time to read some of these testimonials from players that have made my day!

"Hello Tom,
I just recently bought your books and CD's on Tennis Warrior mentality. It has made such a huge difference in my game - in such a short time. Your teachings are so revolutionary yet so simple.  It wasn't my stroke technique that needed correcting, but my mind.  I feel I  have the edge now when I walk on the courts. Just weeks after listening/reading your teachings I teamed up with my doubles partner to win a crucial match to propel our 3.5 USTA team to a spot in the sectional play-offs. Honestly, I would not have been strong enough to deal with the stress without your teachings. I would have been the weak (and probably losing) link if not for you. So, thanks!!" 
Greg Spurgeon
Euless, TX

"Tom's books and audio cassettes are the next best thing to taking private lessons from him.  I've never met him and I don't live in Houston, but he's taught me how to think and how to increase my wins - on and off the court."

Mary A. Sicard
Augusta, GA.

"On the way to my HLTA match I listened to Tom's tape, "Some Before Match Pointers." Call it a coincidence, but I won my first HLTA match ever! I just seemed to be in a better frame of mind. Thanks, Tom."

Mary Ogden
Houston, TX.

"Tom and I have been friends for over twenty years. It's not surprising to me players talk so positively about his tapes. He's always possessed exceptional athletic ability along with an unusual analytical mind. Tom simply likes to think! At times he would drive me crazy, but he was the driving force behind my journey into tennis. I'm 6'1" and Tom is 5'6" but I could never beat the little imp! All joking aside, if Tom's thinking is on audio cassettes, you should listen! You'll never view tennis the same way again!"

Sam Lacava,Tennis Professional
Stewartsville, N.J.

"Tom's Book is a Refresher Course on his Tennis Lessons.  What has helped my tennis the most is his Refocus Technique----"the next point is more important than the last mistake".    I shorten this to "next point" before the serve and I find myself saying "forget it"  to my partner if  she wants to dwell on the previous point or game (good or bad),   This has helped me  focus on the present point and it has helped me win more of my matches."

Marlene Rosenthal
Houston, Texas

"Dear Tom:

Forgot to mention, I just bought the set of tapes and I love them!  They give simple steps to improving your game and I'm beginning to apply them.  As I'm learning to compete in a USTA league, I find that I enjoy the process much more and have taken the pressure off that winning a match is the only way to succeed.  These guidelines help me to simply observe what I'm doing, what my opponent is doing, respond, and to pick myself up and move on without becoming overly judgmental (which for us middle aged beginners is nearly impossible!).

Thank you again!"

Renee Michaels

"Hi Tom,
I wanted to tell you about how excited I am about this system of yours. I started by finding your web site by accident.  While searching a tennis shopping site your site was advertised at the top.  I went to it and was intrigued.  I registered for the free e-mail and from the first online lesson I found the archives section.  I copied all of those lessons, ordered both your books and the complete tape series.  I have read all the online lessons and I'm rereading them.  I have read one of your books and listened to the tapes six times.  I am noticing improvement in my game already and I am allowing myself time to develop these mental principles and not get angry with myself.  I was one of those players who always over emphasized the technical.  I started playing and learning tennis in 1967.  At this time this was the style.  I used to teach this way in the 70's.  It was the only method I knew.  Things like, "keep your eye on the ball," "plant your feet," "hit the ball out front," etc...!  The information you have put together is so refreshing I am filled with so much hope.  My goal is to move from a 4.0 rating to a 5.0 in a year.  I believe armed with this new information I will succeed.  I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that not only do I agree with your teaching, but I am another bit of proof it works.  I will keep you posted on the progress of my goals.  My name is Bob Fraser.  I live in Central California and the tournaments are about to begin in February.  Here we go, sold out to be a "Tennis Warrior," till mental toughness is the major factor of my game.  Thanks again Tom."

Bob Fraser
Clovis, California

"Tom:  Thanks again for the helpful advice.  I listened to your tapes on the way to the match today and immediately found myself hearing your voice while I was playing my match.  There was a moment when I was serving that an incident happened that broke my concentration and I just turned and faced the back of the fence and did not serve until I was able to clear my thoughts.  I looked at my racquet and saw the sticker you gave me and like magic I whispered to myself "the next shot is more important than the last one."  I changed the last word so I would not even have the word "mistake" in my head.    Thanks again for the inspiring advice.  I will listen to the tapes over and over again.  I just know that your new way of teaching is going to take me to the next level.  I have been looking for this for a long time.

Have a nice day!"  

Debbie Fears
Tomball, Texas

"love the tape I ordered. the split or hop step just as your opponent hits the ball really works. still trying to figure out how to watch the ball and get back into position.  thx tom for all of your help."

Stuart Mcclintic

"Dear Tom,

Thank you for keeping the tips coming through.  They are very well appreciated.  My son has recently gone into professional training and your tips certainly help, not just tennis - but life situations
in general.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you too."

Ann de Villiers

" Tom's audio cassettes have changed my thinking, aligning it with the correct information needed to improve my game. He's right there with you, inside your head, challenging you to make those changes. It's like having your own personal coach! I highly recommend his tapes for everyone."

Linda Zimmerman
Houston, TX.

"Tom- I want to add kudos for your books. I played a USTA 45's tournament over Labor Day weekend, and I want to share this. As I went on the court, I took your " Relaxation and How To Think Like a Pro " with me and sat them in my chair to read during the change overs. During the warm up, I did just what you said, and shut off my mind, just by clicking it off. I started " seeing " the ball even more clearly. I played my traditional serve and volley game and hit a series of shots because I knew where the ball was going. I hit several outright winners under pressure situations, when my opponent approached the net without over hitting. I just told myself to hit out, but @ 80% effort. I continued to serve & volley and I could " see " where shots were going and where they were going to land. On match point, I hit a backhand volley that landed perfectly in the corner, because I " knew " it was going to land there, I won 6-3, 6-3.
I had to play the # 1 seed a couple of hours later and lost the first set because of a series of unforced errors. I re-read your book on " refocusing " after a missed shot. The next shot is going to be better than the last missed one. I refocused and changed by attack plan and won the 2nd set 6-3. Unfortunately, I ran out of gas because of a lack of better conditioning on my part, but I knew in my mind that I was creating fear in my opponent every time I came to the net. He was a pusher and lobbed every return of service and I had to hit 3-4 overheads, but I never lost focus during the battle. Even when I missed, the refocus technique made me play the next shot better and often time for a winner. But I knew my opponent was just hoping I would just miss or get more tired. I got more tired, but your book made me feel like I had won. I will purchase your supplements and get in better physical condition, but mentally I felt I was always in the match. After the match I analyzed the match and I could have done some tactical and mechanical things differently, but mentally I stuck with my serve and volley game plan and I know I am approaching the next level in "Thinking Like a Pro ", I can win ever time I step on the court. Keep up the great work and I would like to come out and take a camp with you and possibly work with you in the future. Lastly, my ranking in the Mid-Atlantic is going up. I look forward to the day when I can meet you personally and take a camp with you."
Thanks - Don Johnson

Don Johnson
Washington, DC

"Dear Tom,

For beginning, sorry for my poor English, but I would like to thank you very much for two amazing lessons from your web site, lesson - Direction Reaction and Whole Unit Approach. I am a tennis beginner (unfortunately 37 yrs. old), but after reading and practicing that on the court I have dramatically increased a percentage of balls hit properly and in the court borders. Really, when I stopped thinking about steps on the forehand preparation and try to hit the ball instinctively, the pleasure of the tennis game has became incomparable.

The best for you from Croatia (Goran Ivanisevic state)"

Damir Cvijanovic
Zagreb, Croatia.  


What really is fascinating to me is how the two aspects, strokes and the mental side, work together. Now, after your book they are complimentary. Before your book they were fighting inside myself."

Marco Mottadelli
Milano, Italy

"Dear Tom,
I read both your books and think they are EXCELLENT! You really know your stuff.   I have also read through the few technical points you make on your website and I have to say my experience has shown that your observations are absolutely correct.
Thank you,"
Paul Adams
Seattle, WA

"Tom, I was glad to rate your tennis site as a 10 at rawsport.com. Your site is easily within the best 25 tennis sites on the web as far as I am concerned.  I have definitely learned a lot from your thoughtful techniques. I  also want you to know that I really enjoy the tennis tips and I look forward to your emails..  A few months ago, I also purchased your two books and I can truly say that my tennis has reached a higher level .  Thanks for all your help now and in the future."   

Jim Beacham

"Hi Tom,
Reading your books "The Truth About Winning" and "The Relax Technique" brought immediate results to my game.  I am in excellent physical shape, but before applying the concepts in your books, I used to get extremely tired during matches (even practice matches), from, what I realize now, was nervous energy and "trying too hard".  It was amazing to see and actually feel the difference during my matches.  I did lose points and games, but I was completely relaxed and did not feel tired at all.  To me, that has been the biggest difference."

Rey F Medalle
Union City, California

"Hi Tom,

After reading your website, email lessons and purchasing your audio tape series, I am watching the French Open with new "eyes".....I can see the
"mental" part of the game with the professionals. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

Emily Garcia
Murphys, California

"Hi Tom,

Your tapes are very insightful, and I wish you were closer to take lessons. I love your approach to the mental game, which I find, has been my stumbling block at times. I plan on listening to them over and over again, until they sink in, as well as applying your tips while on the court.

Thank you again for opening up another whole area of development for me, I will keep you abreast of my progress."


Sandy DeVincenzo
Ft. Worth, Texas


I received your 2 books on the truth about winning and relaxation. I have read through them both twice and have played twice this week. By following the rules of " the next shot is more important than your last mistake," and your last shot can affect you in 2 ways, my wife has already noticed an immediate improvement in my on court disposition and body language. My focus has also began to improve, primarily focusing on the current point and not squandering energy on past points or errors that have already happened and cannot be changed. I am playing in a tournament this weekend, and I am curious as to see how I hold up. Any ways, I have enjoyed your books and look forward to developing my "warrior attitude."

Bill Poulakis
Woburn, MA


"I ordered your books and tapes and receive your monthly email lesson. Your advice about not changing your stroke, but changing your thinking is priceless and it works! I no longer suffer from analysis paralysis."

Karen Armand
Grayson, Georgia

Hi Tom,

"I just listened to your CD a couple of times and it immediately made a huge difference to my game, It was awesome!!!
I listened to the ABC's of tennis and the tip on how to increase speed. I am very satisfied and I will keep studying. Who needs a trainer when I have your books and CD's, this is better.


Have a nice day Tom,

Marcote te Pas
Saltsjobaden, Sweden

Hello Tom,

"Got a chance this past weekend to listen to your CD's and read your book "The Truth About Winning." Excellent information, I will definitely be applying these principles in my matches from now on. You really make a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the techniques for increasing speed on court and am looking forward to trying them out. Even though I am a good player and very fast, I do tend to stand around admiring my shots from time to time! I'll be looking to eradicate that this week. Congratulations on a great teaching system. I would have no hesitation recommending it to anybody who plays tennis. I believe players of every standard can benefit greatly from it. Tennis coaching in general needs a lot more guys like yourself!"

All the Best,

Steve O'Leary
Dublin, Ireland

Hi Tom, 

"I have enjoyed all your books, t-shirt and tapes. They have helped to improve my game tremendously. I have forwarded your email letters to my teammates. I appreciate your work."


Brian Ross
Concord, Ohio

Hi Tom,
"I read about your book, THE TRUTH ABOUT WINNING, in the Tenniserver.com email newsletter, and I bought it from Amazon.com. It's a great book and I definitely see how it applies to many areas of life in addition to tennis. 
By the way, I'm just now reading your book for the second time.  It's definitely something you have to study in order to really absorb what you're saying." 
Thanks again for providing this wonderful resource.
Francis Perry
Manasquan, NJ

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