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Relax in Your Tennis Match
Play automatic instinctive tennis like a pro

To relax and play automatic, instinctive and spontaneous tennis requires a new way of thinking. Playing "in the zone" is not conscious but subconscious. Why do players have trouble letting go and playing subconsciously? Because most players have not yet learned to shut off their anxious, racing mind. The mind that is constantly racing is the enemy of relaxed, instinctive and subconscious play.

Interestingly enough, players often achieve this mental state when they are tired. That’s right, tired! Why? Because players can become so tired that they stop consciously thinking and just play. They unknowingly shift from the conscious to the subconscious mindset, eliminating the anxiety. Voila! The ideal mental performance state.

Below is a video of one of my group lessons where I briefly explain this crucial concept of accessing the subconscious.



One of the critical points made at the end of the video was that you can have a relaxed mindset and miss, or you can have an anxious mindset and miss. Take your choice! You might as well choose the relaxed mindset and learn something from your miss.

You can begin to achieve this relaxed mindset by learning to shut off your racing mind just like you would shut off a radio. Just click your mind off and stop thinking! This is a big part of the Relax Technique, a mental system I have taught hundreds of players to use, and it works. (The concept is explained in detail in the "Relax in Your Match" E-book and Audio Package available below).

Once you have learned to shut your conscious, racing mind off and turn your relaxed, subconscious mind on, you will see the ball, the court, your opponent and the openings like never before. Everything seems to slow down! Your reactions improve, your accuracy improves, every aspect of the game improves because every aspect of the game is influenced by how you think!

On the other hand if you are anxious and your mind is racing, everything seems to speed up and you begin to miscalculate. The ball appears to be traveling at the speed of sound! You cannot find the openings, the court, where your opponent is positioned or even where you are on the court. Everything is a blur!

You must learn to master subconscious play in your matches. Stop trying to control every little detail. Let go! But take note, letting go and playing relaxed, subconscious tennis does not mean you will make every shot. Making the shot or missing the shot is not the issue. Thinking correctly is the issue. Do not "let go" in your match, miss a shot and then think, "well, that didn’t work!" and immediately abandon your correct mental attitude. Stay the course and you will be rewarded with a new level of thinking that few players experience. Relaxed, automatic, instinctive play that is the signature of a Champion.

Bruce Lee, the great martial artist, was asked in an interview what he did to react so quickly. He answered, "When the opportunity arises I do nothing...it just happens by itself."

One of your goals is to let your situation on the court "happen by itself." You can achieve this goal, but not if you insist on taking back conscious control. You must learn to lose control consciously in order to gain control subconsciously.

Note: For those who have purchased the "Relax in Your Match" E-book and Audio Package and have begun using the techniques and principles, stay with it! When you are correctly accessing the subconscious mindset and you fail, you will be tempted to switch back into conscious control to solve the problem. But this only compounds the problem. Monitor yourself, keeping tabs on your mental attitude and when you slip back into conscious control quickly make your mental adjustments. As you practice and improve you will log more time in the subconscious, instinctive mode and your play will be more spontaneous.

Relax in Your Tennis Match
Special Download Package - $19.00

How to turn off your anxious, racing conscious mindset and turn on your automatic, instinctive subconscious play

Here is a three part training plan that has every ingredient necessary to help you mentally and physically relax in your tennis match. Stop that racing mind syndrome that creates undue pressure, anxiety and over-playing. Your best tennis pros in the world are relaxed, calm and do not indulge in over-thinking. Their minds are working slowly (at least it appears that way to them) but the game around them is happening fast! This inner calm exhibited by a pro is achieved by shutting off the conscious, controlling mindset while turning on the subconscious non-controlling mindset in a sense that they play intuitively with spontaneity. In this fashion tennis pros stay out of their own way and let their game happen! They remember, "the next shot is more important then the last mistake."

In contrast, most player’s minds are racing, anxious, over-thinking that all results in over-playing. Their minds are working too fast (and it appears that way to them) and the game around them is happening too fast. This inner mental racing is caused by turning on the conscious controlling mindset while suppressing the subconscious non-controlling mind. In this fashion most tennis players get in their own way and force their game, trying to make it happen!

Can you solve this anxious mindset and...

learn to relax your thoughts and play instinctively like a tennis pro? Yes, you can! But how? You will need help with these three problems.

  • Problem 1 - How do you access the instinctive, subconscious mindset that leads to relaxed, automatic play?

  • Problem 2 - What is the basic match plan that will give you confidence when playing either singles or doubles?

  • Problem 3 - What should you think on the way to your tennis match to remind yourself how to handle nervousness, how to warm up correctly for battle and how to "go for your shots"?

This Relax in Your Tennis Match Download Can Solve All Three Problems!

  • Solution for problem number 1 - The Relax Technique E-book. This 19-page e-book is the cornerstone to your training plan. The Relax Technique is a powerful tennis tool that can help you access your subconscious, instinctive mental acuity.

  • Solution for problem number 2 - Ball Placement in Singles and Doubles E-book. This 19-page e-book clearly lays out a basic universal strategy for both singles and doubles that can develop your outward self-confidence and your inner self-assurance.

  • Solution for problem number 3 - Before-Match Pointers Audio Download. A dynamic 12-minute audio MP3 file that will give you a changed perspective before your tennis matches.Play this audio file at home or record it and play the file on the way to your matches. Before-Match Pointers offers you a host of mental principles to help you focus and be prepared to do battle! Learn to handle nervousness, to warm-up like a pro and to develop the correct mindset to go for your shots. Plus, a section titled Don’t Worry, Be Happy! will give you a major perspective check.

Designed to Help You Relax in Your Tennis Match For Only $19.00!

Order now and you will receive your Relax in Your Tennis Match Package immediately. No waiting, no shipping cost, no hassle. This is an automatic download sent to you immediately with your purchase! You will receive:

  • Item #1 - The Relax Technique E-book

  • Item #2 - Ball Placement in Singles and Doubles E-book

  • Item #3 - Before-Match Pointers Audio MP3 Download

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