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Training For Pressure Play Audio CD

There is no psychological ‘quick fix’ that magically makes you relaxed and calm under fire. Learning to play under pressure takes time and correct preparation... it’s a process! The good news is...When you prepare correctly, playing under pressure happens automatically.

With my new CD you will learn to develop "spontaneity through preparation"!

But prepare how? This CD lays everything out in a simple two-part pressure plan. Part One covers preparation in practice sessions and practice matches and Part Two covers experience in actual match play.

You will learn...

  • To access the correct internal feeling when playing under pressure

  • To play automatically and instinctively when the heat is on!

  • To play in the zoneTo trust the ‘feel’ of your strokes under pressure

  • To get out of your own way, relax and ‘let the game happen’

How do I know the two-part pressure plan works? Simple! The principles on this CD are the same principles to play under pressure that I have successfully taught my students for years...it works!

Whether it’s the pressure of match play or point play this CD will help prepare you for that crucial moment! You will be one of the few who develop spontaneity through preparation under pressure!

It’s simply a cool plan that works when things get hot!


Hi Tom, 

I own most (if not all) of your CDs and Books and I have to tell you that your CD “Training For Pressure Play” is one of your best so far. I have listened to this CD many times and each time I listen, I learn something new. It's like having dozens of lessons for the price of one CD. I used a couple of your tips in one of my first matches after listening to the CD and I was shocked at just how well I played when I “got out of my own way, relaxed and let the game happen.”

I have taken a lot of lessons over the years, but nothing I have run across has helped my game as much as the information on your website, books, tips and CDs. You've saved me hundreds of dollars in lessons and improved my game at the same time. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Bret Essing
Houston, Texas

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In "Training for Pressure Play" Tom talks you through a comprehensive, easy to understand, two-part plan that tells you exactly how to prepare and what you will experience as you learn to go for your shots under pressure. Free of psychological jargon, this is a practical guide that will also improve the timing, judgment, balance and muscle sense of all your strokes within your own style, form and personality as you develop mental skills. Repetition of these mental skills provides a tremendous advantage, but it is really amazing how this mental preparation also helps you develop an automatic and instinctive feel for your strokes. 

Thanks Tom, great CD.

Larry Frazier
Carrolton, Georgia

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For a limited time only, when you purchase this CD you will receive my new booklet, "Ball Placement in Singles and Doubles Matches" ($4.95 value) absolutely free. If you have been confused about ball placement for either singles or doubles this little-but-mighty booklet will save the day! Learn simple but powerful strategies that top pros use to separate themselves from the pack.

When you read what’s in this booklet you will be shocked! It’s so simple it eludes most players. The principles are so logical you will be wondering why you have NOT used them before. You can bet your friends and opponents will not know about these strategies either!

Receive "Ball Placement in Singles and Doubles Matches" FREE  when you order my CD "Training for Pressure Play" (50 minutes) for only $14.95! All orders shipped out immediately. 

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If you're not satisfied, I'm not satisfied!

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